Saturday, December 20, 2008

No More Special Food

Living in Asian countries for many years, we naturally developed a taste for spicy food. (Mutton masala in India, kimchi in Korea, etc. Mmmmm.) Upon settling in Oregon, I started experimenting with spices more and more and I must say, I began turning out some great meals. The older kids appreciated my exotic style but the little kids didn't like it and preferred bland food. BOR-RING. Whenever I cooked a spicy curry or a tasty new Asian dish, I prepared a little Mac & Cheese side dish for the little guys. Many times I’d be all inspired about my new spicy dish as I was setting it on the table and suddenly remember, “Crap! Mac & Cheese!” I’d have to hurry and whip up a batch on the stove real quick while everyone waited. It was a real drag.

One day I decided I'd had enough. I sat Daniel and Rachel down and said, "Listen up. The baby gazelle has to run with the herd within one hour of birth, or it will be eaten by the lions." They looked at me with big eyes and I continued: "From now on, no more special food. You run with the herd."

So that was the end of “special food”. If someone didn't like the dinner I'd prepared, I'd say, "Great! Now there's more for the rest of us!" and they could make their own PBJ. Funny thing is, both Dan and Rae started eating my spicy dishes and now that they are teenagers they love spicy food.

The moral of the story? You must run with the herd.

And just say NO to Special Food.

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